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New Year, New Projects

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Here we are.  Another year down, another fresh start.  The holidays provided so much love for us and yes, some stress.  'Tis the season around here where we crave some quietness in our every day lives, yet find it so hard to find. Nearly impossible.  December is a blur and I always feel like I need to take some time after the Holidays to unwind.  Sit and just "be".  Unplug.  Have the much needed peace that was just not there for weeks and weeks.  

It has been such a beautiful week to find that connection that seemed to be missing.  Started a 30 day yoga challenge, turned my eating back to whole foods again, and of course, cast on a couple projects.  Yes, a couple.  ;)  Nothing says relaxation like a warm cup of tea, a quiet house, and the feel of yarn running through my fingers after a nice yoga session in front of the fireplace.  

Here are some photos of my new gorgeous yarn from Purl Soho.  It's their new base, Understory, in the color way Silver Berry and I couldn't be happier or more thrilled to knit with it!  Isn't it beautiful??  Understory is 50% alpaca, 25% baby  yak, and 25% silk.  I'm looking forward to the drape this yarn should create in the fabric that will emerge by my hands this month.  

What projects are you looking forward to?  Any exciting plans? Something that sparks your creativity?